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Today’s stock is Anjani Portland Cement shares.


Anjani Portland Cement had an initial production capacity of 0.3 million tonnes per annum in 1999, the Company has now achieved a shift in its production capacity to 1.2 million tonnes per annum.

With the latest and modern technology, the second plant had started its operations in the year 2010.

The limestone mines of Anjani are one of the best mines amongst the cement brackets of Nalgonda district, thus confirming the superior quality of the cement produced.

Anjani Portland Cement have captured the market in Andhra Pradesh with the help of the tremendous growth in production and services. The company has established its footprints in the markets of Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Maharashtra, Kerala, Goa and Karnataka.

Anjani Portland Cement have developed a R&D center wherein all the innovation related to cements is being carried out.

The company has also taken care of the environment by maintaining a ECO balance and greening process around the cement plants.

The products they offer to their customers are as follows:

a. OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) 53 grade.

b. OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) 43 grade.

c. PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement).

d. RHPC Cements.

e. Composite Cements.


Establish a strong presence in neighboring states.

Cost reduction through technology.

To establish a pleasant work environment.

To promote and practice open, transparent and ethical business.

Now, coming to the financials of the Anjani Portland Cement share.


The Market Capitalization of Anjani Portland Cement is ₹ 1,281 Cr.

The Anjani Portland Cement share has a price to earnings ratio of 15.1 which is slightly lesser than industry price to earnings ratio of 17.7.

The return on capital employed of the Anjani Portland Cement share is 32.7% which indicates that the company has a bright profitability with respect to the capital which is used.

The return on equity of Anjani Portland Cement share is 27.4% which is exceptional well and indicates that the company is using the investors’ money quite appropriately.

The debt to equity ratio is 0.01 which indicates that the stock has negligible debt.

Anjani Portland Cement share is also paying a healthy dividend of 24.51%.

In the last 5 years, the company has delivered a great profit growth of 33.85% CAGR.

The sales of the company have reached to it’s all time high of Rs 130 Cr.

From the last 4 quarters (Jun 2020, Sep 2020, Dec 2020 & Mar 2021) the operating profit of Anjani Portland Cement share have increased from Rs 24 Cr to Rs 34 Cr.

The earning per share of the company is 9.56.

The other income of the company is at Rs 2 Cr which shows that they are focusing more on the main business and not on revenue from the other sources.

The sales of the Anjani Portland Cement share were Rs 409 Cr in March 2020 which reduced to Rs 407 Cr in March 2021 due to Covid pandemic.

The sales of the company reduced in the year 2021 by 2 Cr, but the cumulative profit has risen to Rs 85 Cr.

From the past 5 years the share capital has remained constant to Rs 25 Cr.

In the year 2021, the reserves have increased to Rs 321 Cr from Rs 249 Cr in the year 2020 which shows the massive interest of investors into Anjani Portland Cement share.

The company also has a net cash flow of Rs 6 Cr.

The promoters have a major holding of 75%.

The FIIs have a holding of just 0.08%.

Same is the case with Dlls, they only have 0.13% while 24.79% is with the public.

The company is in safe hands and their growth is very promising with such superb financials.

This is a brief overview of the financials of the Anjani Portland Cement share which shows the dominance in their respective market.

Now, let’s deep dive into the technicals of Anjani Portland Cement share.

Technical analysis is very important in investing and trading which consists of technical chart patterns and technical indicators. The technical indicators like the moving average and super trend are the best indicators to determine the entry and exit in a stock.


If we take a closer look at the chart in a daily time frame, there is a formation of a bull flag pattern.

Anjani Portland Cement share is trading in a channel (flag) which is all set to give a breakout and move in an uptrend.

For Anjani Portland Cement share there are two targets as stated in the above image.

The Anjani Portland Cement share price on 08th August 2021 is Rs 509 which would definitely change in the upcoming future.


For Anjani Portland Cement share analysis, we are taking 9 days and 21 days moving average.

In the history of this stock whenever the 9 days moving average has crossed the 21 days moving average, there is a uptrend or downtrend in the stock

The red line highlights the 9 days moving average while blue line shows the 21 days moving average.


Super trend has a buying signal in the 1 day timeframe.

This is the right time to enter Anjani Portland Cement shares to attain maximum profits.


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